Piehole Project Hosts 2nd Annual Austin Virtual Pie Auction



Piehole Project Returns to Raise Money For Grants Supporting Continuing Education and Restaurant- and Hospitality-Focused Nonprofits


Piehole Project, an Austin-based virtual pie auction that raises money for culinary and hospitality scholarships, is returning for its 2nd year on November 6-16, 2023. This year, the Piehole Project is working with nearly 20 acclaimed chefs in Austin to raise money for grants that support continuing education within restaurant and hospitality-focused nonprofits. 

This year’s Piehole Project theme is “Superheroes,” which is carried through in the pie flavors. From delectable savory pies to enticing sweet pies, on November 6-16, Central Texas residents can bid on any of the one-of-a-kind pies crafted by Austins’ top chefs. This year the event hopes to raise $20,000 in funds to help foster career growth and ensure the continued development of the restaurant and hospitality industry. Several participating chefs have received scholarships earlier in their careers, which inspired them to pay it forward and help the next generation of chefs and hospitality curators. 

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